Korean Cooking Class

Seafood pancake
Seafood pancake
Bulgogi Japchae
Seasonal Kimchi
Bulgogi Bibimbap
Bean sprout soup
Kimchi pancake
Soybean paste soup
Seafood pancake
Bulgogi Japchae
Soy source fried chicken
seasoned spicy chicken
Mung-bean pancake, alcohol
3 kind of Dried seafood seasonal menu

※  Classes may be canceled depending on the COVID19 situation. Please understand. 

If you want to make a reservation, please send email : ome@5-tastes.com
Currently, our class does not run market tours & 
only home cooking classes are available.
If you want another class, you can have a private class.
Please contact us by e-mail for the price.

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Notice for the Cooking Class Booking

  • 10:00AM _ 12:00PM and 14:00PM - 16:00PM (2 hours)

  • Menu is total 3 kinds of dishes including the main menu and side menu.

  • Classes include traditional Korean liquor that goes well with food.
    (Traditional tea is provided if you can't drink alcohol.)

  •  'Korean medicine herbs', 'Seasonal' ingredients.

  •  @Halalfriendly @Vegeterianfriendly

  •  Maximum 4 people

  • We charge $10 as a deposit and you should pay the balance(60,000 KRW) at your booking day. 

  • Over 14 is same as adult, Under 14 is 30,000 KRW, 36 month is not paid.In class.

  • Up to two children per class can participate.

  • 오전 10시 ~ 12시, 오후 1시 - 4시 수업 (2시간 수업)

  • 메인 메뉴와 사이드 메뉴를 합쳐 총 3가지 이상의 한상차림으로 구성

  • ​한국 음식과 어울리는 전통주 제공 (전통차로 대체 가능)

  • 전통 한약재와 제철재료를 사용

  • 채식과 할랄 쿠킹클래스 가능

  • 수업 예약시 10$의 예약금이 발생,수업 당일 60,000원 현장결제 (2022년 가격 70,000원으로 인상 되었습니다.)

  • 14세 미만 아동 30,000원 . (14세 이상은 어른 가격과 동일, 36개월 미만은 무료)

  • ​수업당 어린이는 2명 이내로 참가 가능

  • ​중국어 수업 가능 

If your reservation is confirmed, We will send you the confirmation E-mail. Please check it.

(Sometime our mail regards as junk mail, so please check the junk mail box too.)

예약이 확정되면, 24시간내에 (주말 48시간) 확정메일을 보내드립니다. 

(시간내에 답을 받지 못하면 반드시 문의를 주세요!) 

스팸메일로 여겨질 때가 있으니 스팸메일함도 확인해주세요.

If you are in below situation , please let us know by sending email to us. Feel free to contact us. : )

We will answer in 24 hours. (weekend 48 hours)

1) Private class for opening restaurant

2) Your group is consist of more than 4 people

2) Food allergy & Special dishes requests

4) Halal cooking class

5) Our class is also available in Chinese

Time Schedule of the Cooking Class