※  Classes may be canceled depending on the COVID19 situation. Please understand. 


3hr   $55

3hr   $55

3hr   $55

Samgyetang, Kimchi, Seafood pancake, Seasonal side dish
Kimchi-jjigae, Seafood pancake, Bulgogi Japchae, Seasonal side dish
Gimbap, Tteok-bokki, eomukguk, Seasonal side dish

3hr   $55

3hr   $55

3hr   $55

Kimchi, Seasonal Kimchi, Suyuk, Soybean paste soup, Seasonal side dish
 Bulgogi Bibimbap, Bean sprout soup, Kimchi pancake
Soybean paste soup, Seafood pancake, Bulgogi Japchae, Seasonal side dish

3hr   $55

3hr   $90

3hr   $55

Bean paste flower , rice cake , Korean tea
Soy source fried chicken, seasoned spicy chicken, Mung-bean pancake, dried snack,  alcohol
3 kind of Dried seafood seasonal menu

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* 그룹 쿠킹클래스 (10명이상)/ 팀빌딩/ 여행사 문의시
  수업중 유선 연락이 어려운 경우가 많습니다.

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Notice for the Cooking Class Booking

※ Classes may be canceled depending on the COVID19 situation.

  • The class, 1:00PM - 4:00PM (3 hours)

  • OME cooking class menu is total 4 kinds of dishes including the main menu and side menu.

  • OME cooking class use 'Korean medicine herbs', 'Seasonal' ingredients.

  • If you are vegetarians, I recommend you to take the Wednesday or Friday class.

  • OME cooking class is a group class for maximum 4 people.

  • We charge $10 as a deposit and you should pay the balance(50,000 KRW) at your booking day. 

  • Over 14 is same as adult, Under 14 is 30,000 KRW, 36 month is not paid.In class.

  • Up to two children per class can participate.

  • 오후 1시 - 4시 수업 (3시간 수업)

  • 오미쿠킹클래스는 메인 메뉴와 사이드 메뉴를 합쳐 총 4가지 이상의 한상차림으로 구성됩니다.

  • ​오미쿠킹클래스는 전통 한약재와 제철재료를 사용합니다.

  • 채식주의자분들께는 수요일과 금요일 수업을 추천드립니다.

  • 수업 예약시 10$의 예약금이 발생하고 수업 당일 50,000원 현장결제 바랍니다.

  • 14세 미만 아동은 30,000원 입니다. (14세 이상은 어른 가격과 동일, 36개월 미만은 무료)

  • ​수업당 어린이는 2명 이내로 참가 가능합니다.

※ 코로나 바이러스 기간에는 4명 이하의 수업으로 운영하고 있습니다. 

    코로나 사정에 따라 예약 후, 취소될 수 있습니다. 


If your reservation is confirmed, We will send you the confirmation E-mail. Please check it.

(Sometime our mail regards as junk mail, so please check the junk mail box too.)

예약이 확정되면, 24시간내에 (주말 48시간) 확정메일을 보내드립니다. (시간내에 답을 받지 못하면 반드시 문의를 주세요!) 

스팸메일로 여겨질 때가 있으니 스팸메일함도 확인해주세요.

If you are in below situation , please let us know by sending email to usFeel free to contact us. : )

We will answer in 24 hours. (weekend 48 hours)

1) Private class for opening restaurant

2) Your group is consist of more than 10 people

2) Food allergy & Special dishes requests

4) Halal cooking class

Time Schedule of the Cooking Class

Meet up

Meet up

Market Tour

Market Tour

Cooking Class

Cooking Class



Time Schedule of the Korean and cooking Class

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중부시장 한국어 요리여행 쿠킹 (3).JPG
중부시장 한국어 요리여행 단체.jpg

Korean class

Market Tour

Cooking Class


Details about Cooking Classes

Samgyetang Classs

Samgyetang(Chicken and ginseng soup) is made with chicken, ginseng, garlic, glutinous rice, etc. Summer in Korea is very hot and Koreans eat Samgyetang especially during summer. Samgyetang is made with various healthy ingredients full of nutrients such as protein and minerals. This is reason why it is considered as a healthy food, good for regaining energy, perfect for summer. Also, it is very delicious for sure!

Korean Home Cooking Class

We make traditional home style Korean dishes, such as Bulgogi, Japchae, Kimchi jjigae, etc. These menus are one of the most favorite menu for Koreans as well as for foreigners! You can learn how to make Korean's everyday meal and it is surprisingly easy to make for everybody. We will let you know the easiest way to cook fantastic Korean foods with lots of fun. 



Korean Street Food Class

There are many kinds of Korean street food at OME, such as Tteokbokki, Gimbap, Korean pancake and so on. We will let you know the easiest way to cook fantastic Korean street foods and you will be able to enjoy Korean street food at your home, sweet home!

Kimchi Class

In our Kimchi class, you can make several kinds of Kimchi  using various ingredients such as radish, Korean cabbage and even tomato! We make Kimchi with you, and eat lunch with fresh Kimchi you just made. Fresh Kimchi's best friend is steamed pork slice for sure. We cook steamed pork slice with some special ingredients from Yangnyeong market(the biggest herbal maket in Korea) to make special one for better taste and flavor.



Bibimbap Class

Bibimbap is a menu item loved by Koreans, and easy dish to make using side dishes from the refrigerator. Every city has its own unique bibimbap recipe. Bibimbap has five different colors of ingredients arranged in harmony on top of the rice.

Korean Dessert Class

There are many kinds of seasonal Korean dessert classes at OME, such as Gangjeong, dasik, songpyeon and so on. We also tell you many interesting historical stories related to each dessert. Every dessert class, traditional Korean tea is also served. Moreover, you can learn how to make beautifully decorate Korean dessert like a picture on the right.  

在 OME,有许多种类的应季点心及茶品课程,比如说春天的花煎饼,夏天的特饮,秋天的柚子茶等,还有一年四季都很受欢迎的淀粉花,韩国年糕。在授课的同时,我们也会讲述与每一道甜品相关的有趣的历史故事。还有,你会学习到如何更加漂亮地装饰韩国点心(如左图)。


Chimaek class

(Chicken & Bear Class/Korean )

There are 10 kinds of alcohol drink and 3 kinds of cooking class Korean style fried chicken, Korean pancake, snack.

South Koreans are eating regularly. 
[EX)Soju + Korean food,  rice wine + seafood pancakes, etc.] We bet you love the combination of Korean drinks and food. 
Get a taste of Korea's real life

Korean & Cooking class

This class will conduct in Jungbu market. That's the biggest dried fish market in Korea. We have our special opened-kitchen at the market. The menu will be chosen at the date. But one fixed menu is Dalgona(Ppopgi)

 Dalgona or ppopgi is a Korean candy made with melted sugar and baking soda. It was a popular street snack in the 1970s and 1980s, and is still eaten as a retro food.  It is so fun to make it. 

This class is for traveling expression and basic Korean. And only available in English. 

Nanta Package

Famous food musical Nanta and OME cooking lab made a package!

If you want Nanta and Korean cooking class together in this trip, don't miss this chance!